Kalli offers intuitive painting classes and distance psychic readings/healings. Read more about each offering below.

Intuitive Painting Classes:

Kalli has paired with Jessie Van Hoy to offer a variety of Intuitive Painting Classes including Clearing Emotional Blocks and Vision Collage. Read more and view the schedule for upcoming classes here.


Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition:

Kalli and Dan Heinrich have paired up for this month long, 8-part workshop during which you will practice trusting your intuition as you paint your way through eight layers of emotions. More details and a class schedule can be found here.


Distance Psychic Readings/Healings:

During a reading Kalli will tune in to your spirit and relay any information you or your spirit want to know about. Readings can include taking a look at past lives, healing and balancing the seven layers of your aura, taking a spiritual look at a personal question, or a combination of these options. Read more about the readings or about how to book an appointment here.