Kalli offers intuitive painting classes, psychic readings/healings, and a free quarterly spiritual discussion group. Read more about each offering below.

Intuitive Painting Classes:

Kalli has paired with Jessie Van Hoy to offer a variety of Intuitive Painting Classes including Clearing Emotional Blocks and Vision Collage. Read more and view the schedule for upcoming classes here.


Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition:

Kalli and Dan Heinrich have paired up for this month long, 8-part workshop during which you will practice trusting your intuition as you paint your way through eight layers of emotions. More details and a class schedule can be found here.


Psychic Readings/Healings:

During a reading Kalli will tune in to your spirit and relay any information you or your spirit want to know about. Readings can include past life readings, a 7-layer aura reading, and/or personal questions. Spirit always leads the way, and she will work with you to make the most out of your appointment.

Past Life Reading: Kalli will ask to see any past lives that your spirit wants you to become aware of. A brief description of the life will be given and then we will explore how it links to your current life or situation.

7 Layer Aura Reading & Healing: Each layer of your aura, which are associated with the 7 chakras, will be assessed and cleared of any old or outdated information. Kalli will also conduct a scan of your aura for any foreign energy or entity attachments.

Questions Reading: Are you looking for clarity around a certain part of your life? Wondering why you can’t seem to move forward? During a questions reading, Kalli will ask to see a symbol in relation to your question and relay what your soul or Higher Self wants you to know.

Team Readings: Kalli and fellow psychic Barbara Roidl of Kuan Yin’s Way team up to provide double the vision and double the expertise in any of the above modalities. This powerful cooperation magnifies the depth of connection and healing available to you.

Team Reading: $200 for 90 minute session

Past Life/Aura/Questions Reading: $125 for 90 minute session.

To book an appointment or check availability fill out a contact form and I’ll get back to you within one business day. Can’t make it in person? Distance readings, where I tune into your Spirit from anywhere and send you a voice recording of the reading, are also an option.



Deep Soul Divers:

Join Kalli on the first Wednesday of January, April, July, and October to talk about all things spiritual. This group was created with the intent to provide a space for people to share spiritual experiences and ask questions of a spiritual nature. Event information for the April gathering can be found here.