Distance Psychic Reading & Healing

During a reading, I will tune in to your spirit and relay any information you or your spirit want to bring into your awareness at this time. Readings can include taking a look at past lives, healing and balancing the seven layers of your aura, taking a spiritual look at a personal question, or a combination of these options. Many times one reading is long enough to include a look at each of the above listed options. Spirit always leads the way, and I will work with you beforehand and afterwards to make the most out of your reading. Once I have completed the reading you will receive an emailed voice recording of the complete reading.


Past Life Reading: I will ask to see any past lives that your spirit wants you to become aware of. You can also ask why you have a connection to something/someone and we can usually trace it back to a past life. A brief description of the life will be given and then we will explore how it links to your current life or situation. Once all of the information is relayed you will have an opportunity to receive energetic clearing around the past life.


7 Layer Aura Reading & Healing: Each layer of your aura, which are associated with the 7 chakras, will be assessed and cleared of any old or outdated information. I will work towards bringing your entire aura into balance by reading a color and a symbol for each of the seven layers. I will also conduct a scan of your aura for any foreign energy or entity attachments.


Questions Reading: Are you looking for clarity around a certain part of your life? Wondering why you can’t seem to move forward? During a questions reading, I will ask to see a symbol in relation to your question and relay what your soul or Higher Self wants you to know.

 Readings cost $150 for a 60-90 minute reading.


To book an appointment or check availability, fill out a contact form and I’ll get back to you within two business days.