My Story

As a child, I never dreamed that I would become an artist. Up until about four years ago, I didn’t even think of myself as a painter, let alone an artist. However, here I am.

After attending a local Paint & Sip event, I fell in LOVE with the magic of painting. As soon as I got home from that first painting class I started shopping for paint supplies. Once I had gathered some basic brushes, canvas, and acrylic paints I went to town. But how to begin? I didn’t know anything about painting. What I did know about was following my intuition.

Having recently learned how to connect with my Spirit in new ways, I was enjoying exploring using my intuition to help guide my decision making. So I did a quick five minute meditation to check in with my Spirit/Higher Self to see what I should paint. Immediately I saw an image of a tree shaped like a woman on a hill in the moonlight, with her grounded roots showing in the earth. So I went to town and ended my paint session with this painting:

Ok, I guess I CAN paint. Yay!

I so enjoy the process of what I came to know as Intuitive Painting, which simply means letting your Spirit guide your paint brush. No rules to worry about, no guidelines to follow, and most times no idea of what will end up on the canvas by the time the painting is finished. I use painting as a way to practice trusting myself. Will I choose colors that go together? Will the picture be something that resonates with me? I don’t know these things until the paintings are done, but the answer so far has always been YES.

Over the past four years I have grown so much using painting as meditation and therapy time. I have developed a “painting mode” that I drop into before I work on each piece. This includes making sure I am well grounded, have my creativity channels opened up and flowing, and am tuned in to the energy of that specific painting. I call in my Ancestors and Spirit Guides to guide me and always end up having a fun time when they join the paint party. I usually play music, which helps me to stay in my creative space and not get lulled into an analytical loop…you know, monkey mind. I find when I try to pre-plan or paint something specific I end up analyzing the work too much, which takes some of the fun out of the process for me. I much prefer to go where my Spirit guides me and see where the painting and I end up. The clarity and processing of emotions that comes after a paint session always helps me to feel more like my true self.

As I continue to figure out this whole being an artist thing, what I am most excited about is offering more Intuitive Painting art workshops. I have offered a handful to family and friends in the past for fun and people really seem to enjoy this process. Check back soon for news about future events and workshops, which I would love to offer locally and virtually when the time is right.

Thanks for stopping by, Kalli